App Store Pearls Plex is the ultimate media app for

App Store Pearls: Plex is the ultimate media app for iPhone and more

There are countless ways to watch streaming content. There are great services like Apple TV+, Disney+, Prime Video and more. Yet the app (and service) Plex that can be used on iPhone, among others, ranks high in OMT editor Dennis Mons’ top 10. Here’s why he heads to the App Store for that.

Do we perhaps have too many streaming services? I think so. And yet I can’t get enough of them. I certainly have some favorites, but Plex scores high on the list. It is (I think) one of the most versatile media services ever found in the App Store.

Plex is your ideal App Store Pearl for your iPhone

In a nutshell: Plex is a powerful media streaming app that allows users to organize, stream and share their media content across multiple devices. It has become increasingly popular among iPhone and thus iOS users because of this App Store gem’s user-friendly interface and wide range of features.

Plex is fine for standard streaming options such as watching live TV, movies and series. You don’t even need a subscription for that, by the way. The option is there for additional features, though. That costs $4.99 a month or you can pay a one-time $119.99 in the App Store for the rest of your life.

plex, app store gems, streaming, iOSPlexer de plex (Image: Plex)

In addition, you have the option to link a variety of existing streaming services. So if you want to see the offerings of Apple TV+, Netflix, and Prime Video, for example, you get to see that within Plex. Click on a title and you automatically switch to the appropriate app (if installed).

Just apart from the offerings, Plex Premium has another benefit. For example, you may very well also want to watch content that you have stored locally. That could be an iPhone, or your MacBook or PC, for example, but also videos or music you have in your Dropbox. You can stream it with the greatest of ease to any device via this App Store gem. Most smart TVs even have a Plex app.

Literally your own shows, movies and TV anywhere

In fact, you simply specify in Plex where all your files are. These are then displayed in a very tight overview on all your devices. You even get external information such as covers, screenshots and even a Rotten Tomatoes rating. And the great thing is: this App Store gem sorts all files by such things as movies, series, as well as genres and more.

And it gets even better: if you “open” your Plex, all your content can be viewed anywhere. So even if your content is still at home, you can enjoy watching the movies and series you want to watch on the train as if it came from the Cloud.

plex_-app-store-pearls_-streaming_-iOSPlex (Image: Plex)

So in my opinion, Plex is a versatile and easy-to-use media streaming app in the App Store that is perfect for iOS users who want to watch content on their iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple TV. But especially if you use a variety of devices interchangeably, the program doesn’t turn a blind eye.

In other words, I highly recommend this app and service. You can download it from the App Store here.

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