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Apple accidentally reveals new iPhone 15 Pro feature

There are many rumors going around about the new iPhone 15 Pro, but never do they come from Apple itself. This time, however, it accidentally leaked a piece of news.

For many tech companies, it is difficult to keep products that have yet to be released completely secret. It’s also difficult for Apple, but they often manage it better than the competition. When something does leak out, it is usually through-via. But this time is different with the iPhone 15 Pro.

A new feature for the iPhone 15 Pro

Apple has in fact inadvertently confirmed a rumor previously circulating about the 15 Pro. It concerns the so-called action button that is supposed to replace the physical mute button on the side. It turns out it really does exist, as seen in code found in the fourth beta of iOS 17.

In total, the action button on the iPhone 15 Pro can perform nine different functions. These functions have also already been leaked via Apple. These are them and this is what you can all do with it:

Camera: Opening the camera app.
Focus: Turn focus mode on or off.
Commands: If you created a special shortcut via Commands, you can activate it via the button.
Voice memos: Recording or stopping a voice memo.
Silent mode: So this replaces the old mute button.
Accessibility: Here you can add a feature through the accessibility option. For example, consider Assistive Touch.
Magnifier: Activate the magnifying glass function on your iPhone 15 Pro.
Translate: Opens Apple’s translation app.
Flashlight: Turning the flashlight on or off.

Waiting for more new features from Apple

So far, they are pretty standard features Apple is adding to the action button on the iPhone 15 Pro. It would be nice if Apple also let the user decide which function should be under the action button. For example, think about automatically opening an app like WhatsApp or Instagram.

New iPhone 15 Pro feature accidentally leaked by Apple itselfThe 14 Pro. (Image: Unsplash/Omar Al Ghosson)

This is only the first time this feature has been added in the beta. So it could be that Apple will add more features to the iPhone 15 Pro’s button in a future beta or in the final version.

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