Apple also announced these things yesterday and you may have

Apple also announced these things yesterday (and you may have missed them)

Peek Performance was on hand last night for the new M1 Ultra, the iPhone SE (2022), the Mac Studio and iPad Air (2022). A tasty lineup that will keep us entertained for some time to come, but was that all Apple showed?

During an Apple presentation, there are some announcements that are overshadowed by major announcements. Others are simply not covered because there is no room for them during the presentation. What things did we miss last night?

5 Apple announcements you may have missed

Below are five announcements that Apple made last night, both in and out of the stream. You may have already seen them, you may not have known about them. All in all, the following five things are, in our opinion, worth mentioning:

#1 HomePod mini coming to the Netherlands

It was not said in Apple’s presentation, but the HomePod mini is really coming to the Netherlands. This became known after the smart speaker surfaced in Apple’s webshop. Consumers from our country, just like people from Belgium, can get their hands on five different color options.

The HomePod mini will be available later this month for €109. Read more about it in this article.

HomePod miniThe speaker is coming! (Image: Apple)

#2 iPad Air (2022) with Smart HDR 3

The new iPad Air has a lot of news to offer especially on the internal level. So Apple discussed the arrival of the M1 chip, the display and of course the new color options. But did you also follow the decisions around Smart HDR?

Indeed, the Air (2022) uses the same camera system as the iPhone SE (2022). Despite its faster chipset, the tablet does lag slightly behind the smartphone only software-wise. Where the SE (2022) is equipped with Smart HDR 4, the Air (2022) makes do with Smart HDR 3.

iPad Air 2022The device (Image: Apple)

#3 Apple TV+ scores MLB rights

At the beginning of Peek Performance, Tim Cook spoke at length about Apple TV+. He once again talked about upcoming projects and showed accompanying images. Finally, the CEO also confirmed that, in terms of the streaming service, the company is going to take a slightly different approach. A trailer made it clear from moment one: MLB is coming to Apple TV+.

For the streaming service, the American company has landed the rights to Major League Baseball. There had been talk of this for some time, but in what capacity it would happen still seemed unclear. During Peek Performance it was announced that Apple may broadcast Friday Night Baseball. This means that fans will be able to watch two games a week live during the regular season.

Want to know more? This link will take you to Apple’s press release.

Apple TV+ Friday Night BaseballNow also on Apple TV+ (Image: Apple)

#4 iPhone 13 mini and Pro Max also in green

Despite the fact that they were briefly seen in a photo yesterday, it was not clear during Peek Performance exactly which iPhone models will be available in green. Last year, for example, only the 12 mini came with a purple color option, and this year there was only talk of the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro.

So finally it is also known that the iPhone 13 mini and the 13 Pro Max will also be available in green.

iPhone 13 GreeniPhone 13 (Image: Apple)

#5 Mac Studio damned economical

The Mac Studio is incredibly powerful with its M1 Ultra chip, but it has more to offer than just that. The new computer is also extremely economical. Annually, for example, the Studio consumes about 1,000 kilowatt hours less than an average high-end PC.

Just like last night, Apple doesn’t venture to give an example. So it will be an average.

Mac StudioMac Studio (Image: Apple)