Apple App Store features 10 rogue apps Google Play Store

Apple App Store features 10 rogue apps, Google Play Store has 75

Apple’s App Store contains fewer rogue applications than the Google Play Store, according to external research. Recently, researchers discovered 85 apps guilty of fraud: ten of them are in Apple’s download store. And yes, the rest are in the Android platform holder’s digital store.

Unfortunately, all of these apps have already been downloaded some thirteen million times, Bleeping Computer writes. HUMAN’s Satori Threat Intelligence team discovered 85 apps flooding users with ads. Some ads were visible, while others did the work completely on the sly.

Apple’s App Store more secure

In addition, these apps are able to generate revenue by posing as legitimate apps. Apple’s App Store involves the following ten apps. Should you recognize any of the apps, delete it immediately. We immediately copied the list; you will find it below.

Loot the Castle – com.loot.rcastle.fight.battle (id1602634568)
Run Bridge – (id1584737005)
Shinning Gun – com.shinning.gun.ios (id1588037078)
Racing Legend 3D – (id1589579456)
Rope Runner – (id1614987707)
Wood Sculptor – com.wood.sculptor.cutter (id1603211466)
Fire-Wall – (id1540542924)
Ninja Critical Hit – wger.ninjacriticalhit.ios (id1514055403)
Tony Runs –

According to Bleeping Computer, the Satori researchers reported the apps to Apple and Google, which are now no longer in the download stores as a result. Fortunately, such apps cannot harm your system. But they are blood-irritating, and they can be a backdoor to worse problems.

This has been going on for three years

This problem, of apps showing unverified ads, has been going on for three years. The apps are part of an operation renamed Poseidon in 2019. The third wave is called Scylla. The second wave of apps, Charybdis, appeared in late 2020 and came from the same angle.

Should you want to read more about this, you can once again turn to Bleeping Computer. That one has a nice exposé ready for you.

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