Apple Arcade brings one of best selling games ever to your

Apple Arcade brings one of best-selling games ever to your iPhone

Apple Arcade has added not the least title to its offerings. Among other things, subscribers can enjoy one of the best-selling games of all time on the iPhone.

Curve Digital released a game titled Human: Fall Flat in 2016, which quickly became an unprecedented success. As many as 30 million gamers enjoyed the game on PlayStation, Xbox, PC and Mac. Now it is also playable on your iPhone.

Apple Arcade brings iconic title to your iPhone

Not new, by the way. Developer 505 Games already released a port of Human: Fall Flat for Android and iPhone in June 2019. What is new, however, is the arrival of the game to Apple Arcade, allowing subscribers to play it at no additional cost. Party!

In Human: Fall Flat, you play a random character named Bob. Besides a little climbing and grabbing objects, Bob can’t really do much. Therefore, it’s safe to say that any obstacle that we wouldn’t turn our hand to is a daunting challenge for Bob.

So it should be obvious that you have to help Bob get through life (read: levels). Because without your help, Bob is absolutely nowhere. Well, and we don’t want that.

Title has never been more accurate

Anyone who tries Human: Fall Flat on their iPhone for the first time via Apple Arcade will immediately know why the game got its title. There is probably no game on earth that will make you go on your plate more often than this guy.

So it should be clear that Human: Fall Flat is a delightful iPhone game that manages to give you the necessary challenge, but also definitely fun.

Apple Arcade on your iPhone

Human: Fall Flat, like countless other titles, is now available to play via Apple Arcade. This service brings consumers, with an iPhone for example, a delightful array of cool games.

While people were skeptical about Arcade’s arrival at first, the streaming service has now proven its worth. For $4.99 a month, you get a load of delicious titles to keep you entertained for countless hours.

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