Apple Arcade deletes games for the first time

Apple Arcade deletes games for the first time

Apple Arcade is the gaming platform on your iPhone or iPad. Until now, only games have been added, but that’s about to change.

Do you game a lot on your iPhone? Then you can hardly ignore Apple Arcade. It is the subscription service from the Cupertino-based company where you can play unlimited selected games. You can compare it a bit with Xbox Game Pass, only these games are specially developed for cell phones. Like Game Pass, some titles disappear from the platform after a while.

Apple Arcade deletes games for the first time

This is now the first time that titles have disappeared from Apple Arcade. Apple’s gaming service has been around since September 19, 2019. There are now more than 200 games on the platform. Soon, 15 titles will disappear from the streaming service. Exactly which titles they are, you can see in the box below.


These games are disappearing from Apple Arcade

Atone: Heart of the Elder Tree
BattleSky Brigade: Harpooner
Dead End Job
Don’t Bug Me!
Dread Nautical
Over the Alps
Projection: First Light
Towaga: Among Shadows
Various Daylife

The disappearance of games from Apple Arcade immediately raises a number of questions to which we do not yet know the answers. We wonder if you can keep playing them if you already have the game installed on your iPhone and if they will ever come back.

Still plenty of choice

Okay, they are not the best known games on the platform, but of course it is a shame if you play one of these games. You may have to buy a game you like separately now and it remains to be seen whether you can take the progression with you.

Fortunately, there’s still plenty to play on Apple Arcade, including great titles like Fantasian. A subscription to the game streaming service will cost you about $4.99 per month. In addition, the service is also part of Apple One, which bundles several services from the iPhone maker. This makes it cheaper if you want multiple subscriptions such as iCloud and Apple Music.

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