Apple brings in Hyundai Vice President for autonomy sensors

Apple brings in Hyundai Vice President for… autonomy sensors?

Some news about the Apple Car comes out every time. This time the iPhone maker is hijacking a head of car maker Hyundai. This man is now going to be in charge of autonomous driving at Apple.

The Apple Car is one of Apple’s most mysterious projects. Everyone knows that the Cupertino-based company has been working on the project for years, but it is still a question of what form it will take. While some think Apple is coming out with an entire car, others think it’s just an elaborate control program. In any case, whichever of the two it is, it will shake up the tech and car world considerably.

A new face at the Apple Car

Reports about the Apple Car pop up regularly: from possible collaborations with automakers, to reports about specs. There are also regular personnel changes, and this time it’s back on. The iPhone maker is pulling a key head from Hyundai, reports Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman.

Apple has recruited Gregory Baratoff, and the company doesn’t seem to have done so lightly. At the Korean automaker, Baratoff was vice president at MOBIS. A sub-company that makes parts for Kia and Genesis Motors, in addition to Hyundai itself, of course.

Apple Car 2.0The Apple Car according to Motor Trend (Image: Motor Trend)

Self-driving cars

Baratoff headed a department that makes sensors for autonomous driving. Ideal knowledge for the Apple Car, then. Whether it does become a car or just software for vehicles, self-driving is likely to be an important part of it.

In addition to Hyundai, Baratoff worked for Germany’s Continental in the past. You probably know that company from its tires, but it also makes other car parts like brake and stability systems.

Italian influences

As mentioned above, the workforce around the Apple Car changes regularly. In July, for example, the company brought in another former Lamborghini employee. Luigi Taraborrelli was responsible for chassis and vehicle dynamics at the Italian sports car manufacturer.

The Cupertino-based company is keeping its mouth shut about the Apple Car project. The big question is when we will hear from Apple itself.

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