Apple CarPlay pay for your gas from your car starting

Apple CarPlay: pay for your gas from your car starting this fall

Starting this fall, American consumers will be able to fill up with gas like never before. Apple CarPlay will make it possible to pay at the pump directly from the car.

During a special session at WWDC 2022, Apple already announced the CarPlay functionality. So now we also know when it will be usable for the first time.

Fueling from the car with Apple CarPlay

Reuters news agency just reported that CarPlay functionality will be available to use starting this fall. The applications that support the service will be available for iOS 16: the new operating system for your iPhone from then on. These are special payment applications developed from oil companies.

As soon as you navigate to a destination it is possible to add a stop. As soon as you do this at a gas station that supports the service, it is possible to authorize the refueling via Apple CarPlay. As soon as you finally arrive and fill up your tank, the payment is made immediately and you can continue. So there is no physical action involved in paying.

WWDC 2022 CarPlayCarplay gets more comprehensive than ever (Image: Apple)

For example, HF Sinclair, a major oil company, let Reuters know it supports the functionality. “We are excited about the idea that consumers can navigate to a Sinclair station and purchase fuel directly through the navigation screen,” says the company’s Senior Vice President.

The next generation

By the way, the convenient way to refuel is not the only new thing Apple CarPlay will offer consumers. During WWDC 2022, for example, we were introduced to the next generation. This version is capable of completely taking over not only the navigation screen, but actually any screen in the car. So starting next year, when the new version rolls out, you’ll also be able to set up even your dashboard entirely to your liking.

What does the introduction of the new version of Apple CarPlay actually mean for the success of Android Auto? Is Google’s operating system coming to an end? We answered your question in the article above.

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