Apple doesnt give up and tests several foldable iPhone models

Apple doesn’t give up and tests several foldable iPhone models

The foldable phone is gaining ground. So it’s not surprising that Apple is looking at it too. Is the foldable iPhone coming?

Lately, there seem to be more and more foldable phones coming to the market. Of course, we already know the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3, but there are many more coming. We recently saw a copy from Huawei appear and Honor and Motorola are also working on their own models. The only major brand that is still missing at the moment is Apple, but they are also exploring the possibilities there.

Foldable iPhone

At least, if recent rumors are to be believed. Twitter user Dylandkt reports that the Apple is currently testing several prototypes. However, the company does not yet seem satisfied with the compromise that needs to be made to apply the technology.

In addition, Apple has something else in its way. The company does not want to copy makers of Android devices. Moreover, the iPhone maker doesn’t think these are much better than the prototypes. Also, the design should not be much different from the current iPhones.

There is still a lot of doubt at Apple, according to the Twitterer, whether foldable phones will remain popular. Sometimes, of course, it happens that certain trends fade away over time. Apple is thinking about the iPhone mainly in the longer term.

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1/3 For those who are curious about a foldable iPhone, Apple is definitely working and testing multiple prototypes that contain foldable displays. Too many compromises still exist with foldable display technology though.

– Dylan (@dylandkt) January 6, 2022

Is it a reliable source?

The big question, of course, is how reliable Dylandkt is. Yet he is fairly often correct. According to AppleTrack, he has a 77.5 percent score in terms of reliability. Incidentally, he is not the only one speculating about a foldable iPhone. Earlier, Ming-Chi Kuo considered the likelihood of a foldable model coming to market in 2023. However, to him that was only likely if Apple can find a way to make the technology better and solve problems around mass production.

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