1663023208 Apple drops iOS 16 for your iPhone heres how to

Apple drops iOS 16 for your iPhone: here’s how to install the update

Apple has finally made iOS 16, the new operating system for your smartphone, available. The big question though is: how do you install it on your iPhone? OMT editor Mark Hofman explains it to you.

The new iPhone 14 arrives this week, but also old models are provided with a lot of news. That has to do with the arrival of iOS 16: the new operating system. By means of a so-called over-the-air update, it is completely free to install. What exactly do you get out of it and how do you do it?

iOS 16: software packed with new features

Apple announced the new software for the iPhone at WWDC 2022 (Worldwide Developers Conference 2022). It can be installed not only for the new devices, but probably also for your smartphone. The oldest model that can install the update is the iPhone 8: a device that came out in 2017. So if you have a phone that came out later than this model, you’re all set.

I can’t update you very quickly in this article about all the features the update brings to your iPhone. Says enough, actually. There are a lot of nifty additions that iOS 16 brings. For example, you have a new lock screen that can be customized to your liking. For a clear overview, I lovingly recommend the article below:

By the way, there are also certain announced features that are not yet immediately available in iOS 16. These features will only come to your iPhone at a later time.

Apple drops iOS 16 for your iPhone heres how toThis is what it’s going to look like in iOS 16. (Image: Apple Insider)

Here’s how to install the update on your iPhone

To install the iOS 16 update on your iPhone, you don’t actually have to do very much. Patience is the only thing that is really required, considering it’s a pretty big update. So it will take some time to download and install it.

By means of the following steps you can get it done:

On your iPhone, go to Settings
Select the option General
Then select Software Update

You will automatically see a notification that a new update is available. Get it and then choose the option to install it. Your iPhone will switch itself off briefly and then back on again to make the changes. Have fun!

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