Apple founder Steve Jobs died 11 years ago today

Apple founder Steve Jobs died 11 years ago today

Anyone who thinks of Apple quickly comes to think of Steve Jobs. The co-founder of the iconic brand passed away exactly 11 years ago today.

Steve Jobs, of course, we all know. He was one of the most iconic and inspiring people in the tech world. We remember several important moments, such as the iPhone presentation that changed phones forever. Or what about the iPad?

The legacy of Steve Jobs

Unfortunately, Steve Jobs was not allowed to live beyond the age of 56. He died of pancreatic cancer.

Apple iMac G3 1998 NASA PerseveranceSteve Jobs with the iconic iMac. (Image: AFP / John G. Mabanglo)

So on One More Thing, we regularly revisit what Steve Jobs has meant to Apple. Thus, colleague Sabine Schults listed 5 facts especially for you that you may not have known about the Apple founder.

Of course Sabine knows a lot about it, but really everything about Steve Jobs his loved ones know. During Code 2022, a special group gathered to talk about the Apple founder’s legacy. Tech journalist Kara Swisher sat down with Tim Cook, Jony Ive and Laurene Powell-Jobs.

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