1672715193 Apple goes green but hounds iPhone users with costs

Apple goes green but hounds iPhone users with costs

If you own an iPhone 13 or earlier with a bad or broken battery, you should have it replaced now. This is because Apple has indicated that the cost of replacement will soon go up.

So the announcement concerns all older models. Prices are going up by about 20 percent, according to the Cupertino-based company. Replacing a battery will now cost $89 instead of $69.

Users of an ‘old iPhone’ are screwed

So this year’s iPhone 14 is not included here. Replacing that battery costs $99 anyway. It also does not apply to devices still under warranty or to people who have AppleCare+.

Battery replacement can be done at Apple stores through the Genius Bar, as well as online using mail-in service. It is also possible to have it done at authorized resellers.

Due to the price increase, you may therefore ask yourself whether it would not be smarter to do it yourself. In fact, it has recently become possible to purchase official Apple parts online. However, it requires a special Self Repair Kit, which is not yet available for rent through Apple in the Netherlands (so you can’t buy it anyway). However, it is possible to order such a kit for the iPhone from third parties.

iphone battery replacementDo it yourself? (Image: Unsplash/Joel Rohland)

Apple’s battery policy is contradictory

The choice is striking because Apple has been preaching for years that it is considerate of the environment. But if the company thus now makes repairing your iPhone battery more expensive, however, it is much more likely that a device will end up in the trash anyway.

In addition, the company also indicated some time ago that it is offering less trade-in value for older models of the iPhone. This also applies to the iPad, Apple Watch and Mac, for that matter.

If you want to trade in an iPhone 13 Pro, you are most unlucky. On November 9, you still got up to 690 euros back if you wanted to exchange this model for a new one. That’s now 630 euros.

So should you want to have your battery replaced, you’d better do it before March 1 when the price increase takes effect.