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Apple joins hands with Google and Mozilla for brand new tool

Apple, Google and Mozilla are collaborating on a fine tool that lets you test the efficiency of browsers. The tool in question is Speedometer 3.0. This will be a new benchmark where you can see how well a browser performs, that is. A useful tool for a large group of users.

While it is always a bit uncomfortable to see Google and Apple working together, this is not the first time. For example, the same parties previously worked on Speedometer 2.0, with the same goal in mind. As browser technology rapidly evolves, so do tools that can grow with it.

Apple, Google and Mozilla work together

So Apple’s WebKit team announced this week via Twitter that it is once again collaborating with the team behind Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. “By working together, we are improving benchmarks for testing,” the tweet reads. “And that in turn improves browser performance for our users.”

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We’re excited to work with @googlechrome and @firefox on the next Speedometer benchmark, which measures real-world browser performance on the Web. Working together will help us further improve the benchmark and improve browser performance for our users.

– WebKit (@webkit) December 15, 2022

You can read exactly what the tool does on Speedometer’s dedicated GitHub page. Among other things, the benchmark tests the responsiveness of Web applications by simulating user interactions and workloads. Tools like this are also often useful for testers and reviewers to notice improvements.

What does Speedometer 3.0 bring?

Unfortunately, we do not yet know specifically what Speedometer 3.0 will offer us. However, Google wants to make sure that that takes into account “representational workloads, such as JavaScript frameworks.” And Mozilla says about this that it is “time” to test “real user journeys.” The Web is changing, so tools need to grow with it.

So Speedometer 3.0 is now in active development. In the coming months we will no doubt hear more about this from the various parties. The most recent version of this tool is Speedometer 2.1, which appeared in August of this year. At that time we were dealing with a minor update, to strengthen stability and accuracy.

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