Apple Music and other services more expensive but how much

Apple Music and other services more expensive, but how much will it cost you?

It won’t have escaped your notice: the prices of services like Apple Music and Apple TV+ have been thrown up abroad. But what exactly is the situation in the Netherlands, why is the increase being implemented and what will you pay from now on?

OMT editor Mark Hofman figured it out for you and tells you all about it in this article.

Apple Music, TV+ and One more expensive

Life is getting more and more expensive. You notice this not only at the pump or at the cash register, but also certainly in the field of streaming services. One after another is throwing up the price, and Apple doesn’t seem to want to be left behind.

In recent months, the cost of licensing artists and their music has increased significantly. At least that is what an Apple spokesperson let us know to 9to5Mac. That’s not the only reason, as artists and songwriters are also earning more from their music. Add to that the addition of new features and voila.

Apple Music HiFi losslessThe Apple Music App. (Image: Unsplash / Brett Jordan)

The same is not true of Apple TV+, by the way. Apple points out that the streaming service has bet high on a low price tag to win new subscribers. Although at the time, that had to be done with a remarkably small offering. That offering has since grown considerably, which causes an increase in price.

The increase in Apple One is logically in line with the change in the aforementioned services.

How much do the services cost you now?

The price increase goes into effect immediately, which means you’ll start paying more for Apple’s services right away. Provided you have a monthly subscription, of course.

Effective immediately, the construction for monthly subscriptions is as follows:

Apple Music | $10.99 per month (was $9.99)
Apple TV+ | $6.99 per month (was $4.99)
Apple One | $16.95 per month (was $14.95)

The above amounts are for individual subscriptions. For a family subscription Apple Music you now pay 16.99 euros per month, for Apple One you pay 22.95 euros per month.

By the way, those who want to use Apple TV+ for free can do so with a new device. Upon purchase, you get three months of free access to the platform.

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