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Apple never spent as much money on lobbying as it does now

Tech companies, like Apple, spend a lot of money lobbying. They almost have to, otherwise they cannot influence policy. Indeed, such companies have also been under considerable scrutiny recently for anti-competitive behavior. How much does the iPhone maker spend on this?

Earlier this year it came out, via Bloomberg, that tech companies spend more than $35 million on lobbying practices. That’s not even counting all of the industry. That amount, 35.3 million to be exact, comes only from Amazon, Apple, Google and Meta. They all want to influence policy.

Exactly how much does Apple spend?

Now more information is coming out about the amount Apple is spending on that lobbying in particular: $4.6 million. The amounts mentioned are all for the first half of 2022. For the iPhone maker, there is also the fact that the company has not previously spent as much money on lobbying as it did this year.

Tim cook Apple EU abuse of power SpotifyApple CEO Tim Cook (Image: AFP / Mandel Ngan)

Compared to the same period a year earlier, Apple spent $1.5 million more on it. In the first quarter of 2022, the company spent a record $2.7 million on lobbying; that’s 85 percent higher than the same period from 2021. For the second quarter, the manufacturer recorded $1.9 million.

Lobbying is becoming increasingly important

Meanwhile, we also see that there are many more lobbyists working at Apple. Those lobbyists are trying to undermine all kinds of business or gather information in the fight against various antitrust cases. Since 2019, there has been a snowball effect and the company needs these kinds of people more and more.

Indeed, that was when Apple and other tech companies came under the scrutiny of policymakers and governments over their alleged anti-competitive behavior. So the companies need to be able to fend for themselves in this fierce battle, because this could cost the toddlers a lot of money.

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