1649606826 Apple pulls out of privacy coalition due to displeasure

Apple pulls out of privacy coalition due to displeasure

Apple has decided to drop out of a trade group that the company thought was all about privacy for users. The group in question is the so-called State Privacy and Security Coalition (SPSC). The company did so after previously expressing concerns about the group’s practices.

Before the Cupertino-based company decided to resign, it shared its concerns that the legislation the group was pushing for does not adequately protect users’ privacy. The group includes such members as Google, Meta and giant U.S. phone provider AT&T.

Apple steps down from coalition

The SPSC presents itself as a coalition of major Internet, communications, retail and media companies committed to a variety of important regulations. These include regulations on data security, breach notification, privacy in general and consumer protection. You can read about that in this letter to the FTC.

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SCOOP in MT: Apple is leaving the State Privacy and Security Coalition, the major coalition pushing for industry-friendly privacy legislation in the states. Apple left because it feels those bills don’t adequately protect user privacy. pic.twitter.com/KCA9QU9Uvy

– Emily Birnbaum (@birnbaum_e) April 7, 2022

But so now Apple is deciding to drop out of the group. Because the company doesn’t feel that this coalition is doing enough to protect users’ privacy. Whether that’s very helpful is a second matter. Because if you’re in the system, then you have a better chance of adjusting things than if you’re not in it.

The iPhone maker is not doing this lightly

Apple is not doing this lightly, of course. In fact, privacy advocates find that the SPSC often submits pretty weak proposals when it comes to protecting user privacy. This happens in several states, with the goal that Congress passes a federal law on the subject.

In addition, privacy advocates find that the SPSC often acts in the interests of notified companies rather than consumers. Since Apple makes privacy an important pillar, it is best not to have such slurs on your image. So in that respect, it is very understandable that this is happening now.