Apple releases new Technology Preview for Safari

Apple releases new Technology Preview for Safari

Users of macOS Big Sur and macOS Monterey can get started with a new Technology Preview of Safari. In it, Apple tests the newest features.

Apple today released version 141 of the Safari Technology Preview. In this experimental version of the Internet browser you can already test the latest features.

A new Technology Preview of Safari

Apple releases the version to see if new features work and if there are any bugs. It allows developers to see how the new browser responds to websites or add ons. It also allows them to test solutions to bugs that have crept into previous versions. Of course, it is possible that everything does not quite work as it should. This version is still in beta.

The new test version of the browser has several feature updates. The following features are updated:

Web Inspector
Experimental Model Element
Payment Request
Web Animations
Content Security Policy

Would you like to use this test version of Safari? Then you should note that the Tab Groups feature, which was added at Monterey last year, does not sync with this version. If you’d like to try it anyway, you can download the Technology Preview of Safari here. You can read a detailed description of all the changes on this page.


At least Apple has quite a bit to work on. Last year Safari had a security problem. This allowed hackers to see exactly what you were doing in Safari and also gain access to online accounts in the process. Fortunately, the problem has been fixed. The researcher who uncovered it received $100,500 from Apple.

Apple also worked on a problem in Safari this year where your privacy is at risk. When you visit a website within Safari then those sites can see your browser history and Google ID and that can cause dangerous situations. You can read more about that here.