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Apple struggles: is the iPhone 14 Plus the new 13 mini?

The iPhone 14 Plus has been out for just a week now. Yet the phone already seems to be a block for Apple. In fact, the phone is not doing as well as expected. Will the model go straight after the 13 mini?

Things are not going well for the iPhone 14 Plus. The phone has only been out for a week and already multiple reports are coming out that the release is not going the way Apple envisioned. The phone is not selling well enough.

iPhone 14 and 14 Plus setback for Apple

This time the news comes from DigiTimes. The iPhone 14 and 14 Plus are overshadowed by the successes of the 14 Pro and Pro Max. The latter two are actually doing very well.

However, Apple had hoped the same would be true of the 14 and 14 Plus. If sales remain “as flat” as they are now, Apple could scale back production and parts ordering in the second half of October. If Apple does this, total sales of iPhone 14 models could even be lower than that of the 13 last year.

Apple expected to make about 90 million new iPhones in the second half of 2022, but this could now drop to 80 million due to “sparse demand.

iPhone 14The 14 and its big brother. (Image: Apple)

Not the first report of disappointing results

The news coverage is not isolated. Earlier, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, among others, broke the news that demand for the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus is low, with worse pre-order results than the iPhone SE and even the 13 mini. In fact, according to him, Apple previously had plans to increase production at a later stage.

And that, of course, is pretty painful. The 13 mini was actually replaced by the 14 Plus because the model would not sell well. So the 14 Plus, however, is not doing much better.

Display analyst Ross Young also said that panel orders for the iPhone 14 fell 38 percent last year compared to the 13. In addition, the resale value of a used 14 plummets twice as fast as that of the 13 and 13 mini.

Why the iPhone 14 (Plus) is disappointing

Actually, there is some explanation for all this. The differences between the iPhone 14 and the Pro are greater than previous years. This is partly because the 14 and 14 Plus only took a small step forward from the 13.

For example, the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus contain the same chip as the regular 13 and 13 Pro. This makes the 13 Pro even a better choice than the regular 14 Plus.

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