Apple TV buys first Spanish language series

Apple TV+ buys first Spanish-language series

Apple TV+ is going to make a production in Spanish for the first time. It has bought the rights from Familia de Medianoche.

The fact that Apple TV+ is regularly bringing in new series is no longer remarkable. Apple’s streaming service has now released quite a few productions and is also working on plenty of series and movies that have yet to come out. Still, they have one thing in common: English the main language, although Spanish is occasionally spoken in them (Acapulco). Still, a full Spanish hasn’t come along yet… until now.

Midnight Family on Apple TV+

After La Casa de Papel, we certainly know that a Spanish-language series can be quite entertaining. Other streaming services like HBO Max and Disney+ are also working on titles in the widely spoken language. Apple TV+ is not lagging behind and is now coming up with its own production inspired by documentary: Familia de Medianoche, or as Apple calls it in English: Midnight Family.

In the new Apple TV+ series, we see a Marigaby Tamayo, an ambitious medical student, who spends her nights saving lives aboard her family’s private ambulance in Mexico City. Along with her father and siblings, she faces extreme medical emergencies to earn a living.

As mentioned, the -Apple TV+ series is based on a documentary. It was made by Luke Lorentzen in which he follows the Ochoa family. They have a private ambulance that has to compete against competitors to be the first to bring in a patient. The film debuted at the famous Sundance Film Festival in 2019.

Apple TV Midnight Family Diego CalvaDiego Calva you may know from Narcos Mexico. (Image: EPA/URS FLUEELER)

Known names

The new Apple TV+ series is created by Gibrán Portela and Julio Rojas. In the series we see several actors that you may know from other productions. For example, Joaquín Cosío and Diego Calva already played in Narcos Mexico and Itzan Escamilla played in Élite.

Apple TV+ has ordered a season of the series and consists of 10 episodes in total. Production has already begun in Mexico City. When this series will appear on the streaming service, the company does not reveal in the press release.