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Apple TV+ finally gets sought-after feature on web version

Apple TV+ is pushing the envelope with series and movies. Now it’s taking the web version in hand and coming up with a sought-after and logical feature.

Apple TV+ is now a staple in the streaming world. The streaming service has a completely unique approach which at first raised many eyebrows, but is now a success. Instead of buying older series, the company chose to only make its own originals. Something that has now won a lot of awards.

Using Apple TV+

Apple TV+ is now available on a variety of platforms. For example, in addition to apps on Apple devices, there are also dedicated applications on PlayStation, Xbox and the various smart TVs, among others. For example, anyone can watch series like Ted Lasso and For All Mankind.

Still, not all ways to watch the streaming service seem to work equally well. For example, the web version of the streaming service seems to be an underperformer. Updates on it come much later than with other apps. For example, the Up Next list only came to the web version three months ago, while it could be found in the other apps much earlier.

Finally you can search

Now that includes another feature of Apple TV+. So there is finally a search function on the web version of the streaming service. A feature that you actually expect from the beginning of the service. Before this, you had to scroll all the time to find your favorite series or movie.

Apple TV Plus searchThere it is in then! (Image: OMT/Apple)

It’s important that the search feature is there now. Apple TV+ has continued to grow since its inception. For example, there are now many more series on the platform. So without the feature, it can be more difficult to look up that one title.

The web version of Apple TV+ does matter. It is the only way to watch the streaming service on an Android phone or tablet.

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