1649433709 Apple TV manages to secure rights to spectacular miniseries

Apple TV+ manages to secure rights to spectacular miniseries

Streaming services are constantly fighting for the rights to the best movies and series. Apple TV+ has now managed to secure an interesting title.

Amazon Prime, Netflix, HBO Max and Disney. All want the best series and movies to attract as many people as possible to their streaming service. It’s no different for Apple TV+. Yet it does have a huge advantage: the huge amount of money Apple has in its coffers. This makes it perfectly capable of entering the bidding war for titles and ensuring that the titles are well developed. Now the streaming service has managed to bring in another title with potential.

A big cigar for Apple TV+

Apple TV+ is now announcing that it has secured the rights to The Big Cigar. Yes, that title does sound a bit odd, but it is a series with potential. After all, the cigar refers to Cuba which is an important part of the story.

The Big Cigar tells the extraordinary, hilarious, almost too good to be true story of Black Panther boss Huey P. Newton. He counts on his best friend, film producer Bert Schneider (the man behind Easy Rider) to escape to Cuba while being pursued by the FBI.

The Big Cigar is based on a true story. Newton was the leader of the Black Panther Party. A militant African-American organization that stood up for the rights for the black minority.

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Little known yet

The making of the miniseries is still in its early stages. It is not yet known which actors will participate. Apple TV+ does say it is in talks with André Holland (Moonlight) to take on the lead role.

The series has everything it needs to be a success. That’s partly because there’s a lineage to Apple TV+’s other hit series: Ted Lasso. Like that show, the streaming service is partnering with Warner Bros. Television on this title as well.

Earlier this month, news broke about Bad Monkey, another project between Warner Bros. and Apple TV+. The series is being created by Bill Lawrence. He is one of the creators of Ted Lasso. He will be assisted by Brett Goldstein who, of course, we know better as Roy Kent.