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Apple TV+: these series and movies you’ll soon see on the streaming service

Apple TV+ has been racking up quite a few awards recently. What new titles are on the horizon? We tell you.

Apple TV+ comes out with a new series or movie almost every week. The streaming service has to, because it wants to bring only its own content that you’ve never seen before. In order to do that, it needs to develop quite a few new titles. That’s what the streaming service is doing. We tell you what to expect in the near future.

Shining Girls – April 29

Shining Girls on Apple TV+ is based on the book of the same name by author Lauren Beukes. In the series, we follow Kirby Mazrachi (Moss) who works as an archivist for a Chicago newspaper. Her journalistic ambitions are held back after a traumatic attack by a man. When Kirby notices that a recent murder mirrors her own, she teams up with seasoned but troubled reporter Dan Velazquez (Wagner Moura) to find out the identity of her attacker.

Make or Break – April 29

Make or Break is coming soon to Apple TV+. The seven-part documentary series follows the best surfers in the world. In the series we see how they fight for the world title in the World Surf League Championship Tour. Besides spectacular footage from the sea, we also see what happens behind the scenes. Many big names from the surfing world are working on this series.

Tehran – May 6

The Apple TV+ series Tehran is about an Iranian hacker in Israeli service. She must break into a computer in her hometown to defuse an Iranian nuclear reactor. Naturally, the authorities do everything they can to track her down. Unfortunately, that mission failed and now with everything she has to do to protect her friends and loved ones.

The Big Con – May 6

Apple TV+ is taking a special approach to The Big Con. Because in addition to a four-part documentary series, there will also be podcasts. In this show, we see the incredible but true story of attorney Eric C. Conn who defrauded the government and taxpayers of more than half a billion dollars through fraud.

The Essex Serpent – May 13

The Essex Serpent is based on the book of the same name by author Sarah Perry. In the series on Apple TV+, we follow Cora Seaborne who enjoys life after her violent husband dies. In Victorian London, she chooses to devote her life to paleontology rather than a life as a cleaner and look for a new husband. In her recently discovered passion, she sets out to investigate ruins associated with the Essex Serpent, a legendary beast that emerged from an earthquake. She trades her life in London for the English countryside to search for mythical creatures.

Greatness Code – May 13

Greatness Code is getting a new season on Apple TV+. In this documentary, each episode we see an iconic athlete telling about the moment of their big break. In the new season, we see skateboarder Leticia Bufoni, famous former skier Linsey Vonn and English soccer player Marcus Rashford, among others.

Now and Then – May 20

Now and Then is a thriller with several layers. The Apple TV+ series explores the difference between young people with life goals and the reality of adult life. The lives of a group of school friends change for good when one of them dies during a party weekend. Twenty years later, the five remaining friends reunite because of a threat. This one poses a danger to their seemingly perfect lives.

Prehistoric Planet – May 23

Prehistoric Planet presents little-known and surprising facts about dinosaur life against the backdrop of Cretaceous environments, including coasts, deserts, lakes, ice worlds and forests. From revealing rearing techniques of the Tyrannosaurus Rex to exploring the mysterious depths of the oceans and deadly dangers in the sky. Apple TV+ does that with great graphics and music.

Physical – June 3

Time for a new season of Physical on Apple TV+. The story is set in San Diego in the 1980s and thus revolves around Sheila Rubin. The housewife does everything she can to support her controversial husband in his work, but behind the scenes lives her life in a very special way. The outside world may not see it, but Rubin has to deal with a distorted self-image and has to fight for her own health. Something she manages through a fantastic discovery: the world of aerobics.

For All Manklind – June 10

Another series returning on Apple TV+. This time a third season. After the race to the moon between the Russians and Americans, they now go for Mars. Tensions mount there again as well. Both between the countries and on a personal level.