Apple wants AR and VR but what exactly does this

Apple wants AR and VR, but what exactly does this much talked about headset do?

More information has come out about the Apple Reality Pro. That’s the name rumor-makers have now given to the Cupertino-based company’s AR/VR headset. According to those same rumor-makers, the headset will be “the most powerful VR glasses to date.” Well, that promises something.

At least, if Bloomberg editor Mark Gurman is to be believed. That powerful VR headset reportedly also gets an interface that looks a lot like iOS. In addition, eye and hand tracking are said to be of a very high standard; so high, in fact, that it could become a real attraction.

Reality Pro headset from Apple

One of the pillars for the Reality Pro headset will probably be video calling. Right, that’s exactly where Meta is currently stumbling, with the Meta Quest Pro. The Apple glasses will have an “advanced version of FaceTime,” giving you access to online conferences and various meeting rooms.

Apple Glass AR/VRA concept of the Apple AR/VR headset. (Image: Macrumors)

The Apple Reality Pro is intended to realistically display both a user’s face and body during such a meeting. Two people can then be present in the same digital room. And it should also really feel like they are together at that moment, Bloomberg sources said.

Switching between virtual and augmented reality

Compared to what Meta does, this works a little differently. Meta actually displays a cartoon version of its users. When you meet in a group with the Apple glasses on, you only get to see the Memoji. In addition to virtual reality, the Reality Pro is also going to support augmented reality, of course.

Through a digital crown, which is also on the Apple Watch, users can switch between virtual and augmented reality. In virtual reality mode, you are surrounded by the digital world. When you activate augmented reality, there are digital objects in your personal environment.

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