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Apple Watch bought? These five apps you must have

Chances are you bought an Apple Watch this way around Black Friday or before the holidays. But now that you have a smart watch, which apps should you install first? We have 5 tips for you!

Once you’ve bought (or gotten, even better) an Apple Watch, we can imagine that the App Store can be a bit overwhelming. That’s why we took a moment to list five handy apps for you.

Apple Watch apps: from better health to rain advice

Of course, there are specific apps for many applications. And often they are more than one, too. In any case, these are fine apps that cover the most basic things.

#1 Rainfall radar on the Apple Watch

Rainfall radar is without a doubt one of the finest inventions ever. There is something magical about being able to predict rain at the minute. And that magic on your wrist is an altogether perfect combination.

BuienradarAlmost indispensable. (Image: Apple)

#2 Housing app from Apple

Apple has an excellent app called Housing. It can be found on your phone (have to swipe down) on your screen. On an Apple Watch it can be found among your apps.
With Home, you easily connect a variety of smart devices, such as lights, your thermostat or your TV. So you can then control those with your watch.

#3 Cheatsheet

If you are also so forgetful, this is an ideal app. With Cheatsheet you make notes in a simple way. You can’t type whole chunks of text, but is handy for keeping passwords, for example.

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#4 Stocard

This is a very useful app if you have a lot of loyalty cards, such as discount cards. With Stocard, you store them all in the app and so you can’t forget them either. You just need to have the right pass scanned at checkout and pay with Apple Pay on your Apple Watch.

#5 Runkeeper

If you took an Apple Watch to track your sports performance, Runkeeper is perfect. If anything, it is the most popular sports app in the App Store. Workouts such as walking, running and cycling are all tracked neatly.

RunkeeperIdeal for exercising. (Image: Apple)

So these are all apps we highly recommend if you are now the happy owner of a new Apple Watch. You can find other fine tips here.

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