Apple Watch Ultra and Apple Watch Series 8 how to

Apple Watch Ultra and Apple Watch Series 8: how to get more out of your battery

Apple’s smart watch is indispensable to many for health, as well as things like tasks and notifications. But the power supply of the Apple Watch Ultra and Series 8, for example, still wants to drain pretty quickly. Here’s how to easily get more out of your battery.

That whole smart watch on your wrist does darned little when it’s out of juice. While the Apple Watch Ultra is boss in terms of battery life, and certainly the Series 8 matters too, they don’t have eternal life. Still, there are easy tweaks to get more out of the can.

Apple Watch tricks for your battery

These simple tips certainly don’t just apply to the Apple Watch Ultra. The Series 8 and SE 2 also have a big battery advantage due to these tweaks. They don’t make the Ultra’s time, but that doesn’t negate the fact that through simple settings they can easily get through the day. And that’s true even for older models.

Technically, the Ultra today achieves 36 hours of battery life. The Apple Watch Series 8 and SE 2 get about (in fine conditions) about 18 hours. These results came from tests with watches connected to Bluetooth, but they also used GPS and SIM cards. Tough tasks that eat up a lot of energy.

And yet it’s easy to keep them alive a little longer with these simple tweaks.

#1 Change the recharge times

One of the reasons people benefit from the Apple Watch is because it helps track sleep. This does require having the watch on when you are in bed.

The problem, however, is that we are used to using the watch during the day and hanging it on the charger at night. There is no need for that. Feel free to wear your Apple Watch during sleep and put it on the charger during your morning routine during a coffee and shower, at lunch and in the evening during dinner.

Then it will really be charged enough for the day.

#2 Stop moving!

Now we certainly don’t want to say that you should stop exercising, but the Apple Watch tends to start measuring when you walk longer than “normal. Sometimes it certainly does, but sometimes it doesn’t. Perhaps a friend or family member lives just a little farther, and that’s when your Apple Watch starts counting.

Before WatchOS tells you that you “might” be exercising, you can nip this in the bud. To do this, swipe right during a walk that doesn’t fall under sports and you’ll already see the “workout” running. There you can stop it and thus save battery.

Apple Watch bands spring 2021Not all is sport. (Image: Apple / Edit: OMT)

#3 Turn off new features to save battery

As nice as it is that Apple comes out with many cool features with each update, chances are you certainly won’t use all of them. Most likely, however, they are on. So check to see what new conveniences you got and whether you’re using them. And then turn them off.

#4 Turn off your screen when you don’t need the Apple Watch

Aside from the fact that the Apple Watch Ultra and Series 8 have an “always on display,” the watches (even the old ones) always jump on when you move your wrist upward. That eats up a huge amount of energy. Therefore, set your Apple Watch to a more economical mode so that it does not always light up brightly if you happen to make a certain movement.

To do this, go to the settings on your Apple Watch, click on your Settings, then Screen and Brightness whereupon you Always on and Activate when lifting wrist can disable.

#5 HALLO SIRI? Shhht

The Apple Watch has a very nice feature, and it’s called Siri. But Siri requires quite a bit of energy. She’s always lurking around. You can simply turn off this feature.

siri apple watch battery

To do this, go to the Siri app on your iPhone. Here you can Listen to Siri, Til to speak and Press Digital Crown easily turn on and off. This saves a lot of battery because your Apple Watch is not constantly engaged with your surroundings.

So with these little tweaks, you can easily get more out of your smart watch. And if you need more Apple Watch tips, you can find them here.

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