Apple Watch users get two new challenges in February

Apple Watch users get two new challenges in February

One of the things the Apple Watch brings you is motivation. With the smartwatch on your wrist, you are challenged to exercise properly every day. In addition to setting daily goals, there are also regular special Activity Challenges.

In February, Apple has two in store. So if you like to exercise and earn badges, these Apple Watch Activity Challenges are two to keep an eye on.

Apple Watch Activity Challenges in February

The first Apple Watch Activity Challenges revolves around the Chinese New Year, which in English is the Lunar New Year challenge. The second has to do with another important celebration in the United States. During Black History Month there is extra attention for the African-American community and this is also reflected in the challenges. The challenges are not very difficult to achieve. For the Lunar New Year challenge you have to do one workout between February 1 and 15. This must last at least 20 minutes. That’s not even a two kilometer walk, so it’s actually a piece of cake.

Apple Watch Series 7Series 7 (Image: Mark Hofman / OMT)

For the Unity challenge that revolves around Black History Month, you have to try a little harder. For these Apple Watch Activity Challenges, the user has to close their Move ring for seven days in a row. So that’s just a little bit harder, because you have to move a little bit every day. By the way, it is not yet clear if these events are just for the United States or are earnable worldwide. Last year the Unity challenge was available for Dutch users, so there is a reasonable chance that this will be the case again this year. If you manage to complete them, you will earn a badge for the app. In addition, you can also start using various stickers in the Messages and FaceTime app.

Nice move

In short, these Apple Watch Activity Challenges will give you just a little more motivation to get some good exercise next month. Want to read more about the Watch? Visit our overview page here.