Apples App Store promise that should start to prevent a

Apple’s App Store promise that should start to prevent a lot of frustration

You probably regularly browse the App Store to track down the latest apps and games. Then you recognize all too well that apps have suddenly disappeared. Apple is now putting an end to that frustration.

Apple has strict rules for the App Store. As an app maker, you won’t get in if you don’t meet all kinds of guidelines. Also, those apps can be thrown out just like that if you no longer meet the requirements. The latter lies not only with Apple itself, but also with the countries in which an app operates. Local authorities can, of course, impose rules. Apple is now going to give more explanations as to why apps disappear. That way you’ll know why it’s no longer there.

Why are some apps blocked by Apple?

According to the Financial Times, Apple has answered questions from activist shareholders about this. They want more transparency on why apps disappear from the App Store. This should happen especially in countries like Russia and China where some services are blocked by the government.

In the Netherlands, if an app can no longer be found in the App Store, it is mainly due to Apple itself. The government will hardly ban apps here. In China it is different. In 2020, 30,000 apps were removed from the App Store there because of local regulations. For example, it is impossible to download WhatsApp there.

The same thing happened in Russia last year. NGOs see this and have now asked Apple for more transparency in the App Store, and the company is now going to do just that.

App StoreThe App Store is due for a change. (Image: EPA/RITCHIE B. TONGO)

Apple provides more clarity on App Store

For example, a deleted app is still visible, but not downloadable. Instead, it now shows which rule the app no longer meets.

In addition, the company informs investors how many apps and in a country are blocked. At least it gives considerably more clarity.

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