Apples electric car follows Tesla with its own autopilot feature

Apple’s electric car follows Tesla with its own autopilot feature

Apple has been busy recently developing chip modules and packages for its electric car. These should ensure that the vehicle, as is the case with Tesla cars, can drive completely on its own. Autopilot, we call it.

South Korea’s The Elec knows about the developments of the Apple Car. This has to do with the fact that the American company joined forces with a South Korean OSAT for this purpose.

Electric car with Tesla feature

OSAT stands for Outsourced Semiconductor Assembly and Test and is a service certain suppliers provide. Customers can call on the relevant parties to package, test and assemble semiconductors. Apple has partnered with such a company from South Korea with one clear goal: Autopilot. At least, that’s what The Elec brings out in its article.

“South Korea’s OSAT is working on the module for a chip that controls autopilot functionality, as we know it from Tesla.”

According to the website’s sources, the project is now underway and should be completed around 2023. That is exactly when Foxconn wants to start actively using its electric car factory. Something that, also according to The Elec, almost has to be connected.

The Apple Car

Apple has been busy searching for a supplier for its electric car since December last year. The American company seems to be coming out mainly in South Korea, where representatives of the company have already been spotted several times. This is not very surprising, by the way, since the companies from the country specialize in producing batteries. It is also expected that Apple will have found a supplier in the country by the end of the year.

After that, the company is expected to begin production of its electric car within two years. Reuters thinks the Apple Car will appear in 2024, but Ming-Chi Kuo doesn’t see that happening. The reliable source reports that the vehicle will not appear on the market until 2025 at the earliest, but we should not be surprised if it does not see the light of day until 2028.

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