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Apple’s possible Siri update for iPhone and others is rather creepy

It’s still future music, as forlige isn’t rolling out this update yet, but it seems Apple has quietly filed a patent. And it involves a strange and somewhat creepy feature. It would allow your voice to be used as the voice of Siri. You know, that assistant in your iPhone, as well as iPad and HomePod, among others. This update would turn out to be quite different from a few extra emoji.

Although the patent has not yet been approved, the prospects of such a feature are still … interesting. So to speak. On the other hand, it is also not entirely unexpected that this feature is now in development. It amounts to making your iPhone even more personal, as it makes Siri sound exactly like you.

Why does Apple want Siri to have your voice?

An already existing feature on your iPhone is to ask Siri if it can read a received message to you. Apple is now reportedly working on a feature that would allow Siri to then read that message in the sender’s voice, or you in your own voice.

Apple, Siri voice replicateSiri may soon sound like your best friend(s). (Image: Apple)

In the patent, Apple states that it improves the user experience when someone listens to a message from another person and then actually hears that person. In doing so, it would also be more efficient, considering you no longer have to read the message.

How does your iPhone know which voice to use?

To create a model of your voice, you as a user must provide a file that contains the necessary data for your Apple device to mimic the voice. Then this model is actually sent along with the message you send. Then, when the recipient indicates they want to hear it aloud, Siri uses that model.

It’s not exactly surprising that this feature would be in development right now. With the rise of different types of AI, including those that can mimic voices, we are bound to see such features pop up in more places. It remains to be seen how that will play out.

iPhone Siri voice replicationChild can do the laundry soon… Should we want it? (Image: Unsplash/Hessam Nabavi)

For now, it is unknown when Apple plans to roll out this feature. Once the patent is approved, we’re sure to hear more about it. Until then, we will still have to listen to Siri’s voice.

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