Apples Weather app carries hidden features these are them

Apple’s Weather app carries hidden features (these are them)

You may have already seen that Apple has revamped its weather app in iOS 15. Hidden in it are also a number of new features.

The weather app is probably one of the apps on your phone that you use the most. It makes it easy to find out whether you can leave your coat at home or whether you should bring an umbrella. Moreover, the weather is an ideal topic of conversation at the coffee machine. With Apple’s updated app in iOS 15, you’ll have even more to talk about.

New features in the weather app

The weather app has in fact received a number of new features. If you look closely at the ten-day forecast in the app, you will see a white dot. This indicates the current temperature. So you can see whether the temperature is close to the minimum or maximum. The white dot is not only used for the temperature. It also indicates the maximum UV index and the air quality. It also indicates in a graphic at what point the sun is. So you know, for example, whether you can take a walk before dark.

In the weather app, you see since iOS 15 more extensive information compared to the previous version. For example, there is now also a temperature map available if you scroll down. If you press on the map, you can also choose from different categories. For example, it is also possible to see precipitation and air quality on the map.


The look of the weather app has also changed. For example, you can now see animations in the background of the app when it is raining, for example. By the way, this only applies to phone with an A12 chip or newer. So that’s from the iPhone XS and XR onwards.

If you have iOS 15 on your iPhone, then the innovations will be applied automatically. If not, you really need to update.

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