Are you going to buy a new iPad Air Then

Are you going to buy a new iPad Air? Then save this accessory

Next week you can buy the 2022 model of the iPad Air. And you might do so from an Air that came on the market in 2020. Because hey, the latest is often just nice to have around the house.

When you make that upgrade to the 2022 iPad Air, then of course you can try to sell the old one. But when you do that, then it might be wise to take the case off.

Old cases work on the new iPad Air

Because your old case from the 2020 model will work on the 2022 iPad Air. That’s because the new model is actually identical in appearance. You’ll find the upgrades mostly on the inside. But on the outside you’re not going to see the difference. For example, the dimensions are exactly the same. The same goes for the places where the elements are. The camera is in exactly the same place, as are the various buttons, microphone outputs and speakers. So in this way you can really reuse the old case perfectly.

1647120572 584 Are you going to buy a new iPad Air ThenThe new model (Image: Apple)

And so that also means that if you’re planning on buying a 2022 iPad Air, you can start reading up on what kind of cases are on the market now. Of course, there will be some new things on the market with the release. But perhaps you would be wise to buy an older case. These are often somewhat cheaper in terms of price as well. If you want to get a product from Apple itself, then the Magic Keyboard is still a good choice. But then you pay the premium price for it.


If you don’t have much budget left after buying the iPad Air 2022, then you can also look at alternatives. The Logitech Folio Touch is highly recommended in this respect and also a lot cheaper. Want to read more about the new device? Then visit our overview page here.