1663369337 Brand new iPhone 14 easier to repair than its predecessor

Brand new iPhone 14 easier to repair than its predecessor

Obviously, you’re not waiting for your brand-new iPhone 14 to break. If it does happen, at least there’s good news. To repair it, you can get a lot cheaper than you’re used to with the 12 and 13.

Today is the day: if you pre-ordered the iPhone 14 or 14 Pro on time, you can expect the package deliverer to your door today. Of course, you are extremely careful with your new smartphone because it cost a lot of money. Still, something can always go wrong. Fortunately for you, in some cases the phone is much easier to repair.

Repairing the iPhone 14 gets easier

It used to be possible to repair an iPhone fairly easily. For example, think back to the 4S where you could just take the glass back off the device to replace a part like the battery, for example. In recent years that was much more difficult and you had to start a whole expedition on the front. Fortunately, Apple is bringing the iPhone 14 back to the days of the 4S.

In fact, TechCrunch found out that just like the 4S, you can detach the back of the iPhone 14. So you don’t have to touch the screen. Why exactly Apple did this is unknown, but it does make everything easier again.

iPhone 14The 14 and its big brother. (Image: Apple)

Lower cost for your Apple device

Perhaps the nicest thing about it is that the cost to replace the back of the iPhone 14 will be a lot lower. With the iPhone 13 and the 12, you needed a new screen right away. Now that’s just a glass panel for the back.

Still, that certainly doesn’t mean you should be any less careful with your phone. It is still wise to protect your iPhone 14 through a case. Of course, to be even more secure, you can choose to take out AppleCare+.

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