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Bright Picasso: copy and paste edits in the Photo app

Did you make a photo edit on your iPhone that is so bold that you actually want to apply it to every photo? With iOS 16, you can easily copy and paste edits from one photo to another. How chill is that?

Copying and pasting photo edits sounds like a feature found only in the best editing software, but so can your iPhone! If you ask OMT editor Sabine, this is great news for photographers and hobbyists. You can read how it works below.

Copy and paste photo edits on iPhone

On the Photos app on your iPhone and open a photo you want to edit. Press Edit and adjust the photo completely to your liking. When you have finished making adjustments, press Done.

Now tap the three horizontal dots in the upper right corner and choose Copy edits. Now select another photo and press the dots again. Now choose Paste edits. Tadaa! This photo too has now been edited with the same adjustments.

Of course, you can also edit several photos at once in this way. Select all photos to which you want to apply the edit you just made and press the dots now found at the bottom and paste the edits.

Night mode iPhone 14 portraitPortrait with night mode (Image: Apple)

Another handy trick for the Photos app

Did you know that you can move your iPhone’s photos from one app to another at lightning speed? A super handy feature for sharing your photos via other apps after the above photo editing hack.

How it works. All you have to do is hold down a photo and drag it up or down. Select more photos if necessary and use another finger to switch to another app. All you have to do now is release your finger. Easy peasy!

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