Brushing in style Oral B introduces three new iO brushes for

Brushing in style: Oral-B introduces three new iO brushes for your iPhone

During the CES 2022 you have many different gadgets that will be announced. When you think of gadgets you might not think of toothbrushes, but Oral-B knows how to surprise you for a few years now. This time there are three new iO brushes for your iPhone revealed.

The idea of these new smart toothbrushes is that you brush better and therefore have cleaner teeth. Since 2020, Oral-B has been using the iO-line, which allows you to see how well you brush through a connection on your iPhone. And with these new toothbrushes, it should be even better.

New Oral-B iO brushes for your iPhone

So in 2022 you can expect three new smart toothbrushes that you can pair with your iPhone. If your budget is not too big, you can soon choose the iO4 and iO5. According to Oral-B, these are new entry-level models and ideal if you just want a good electric toothbrush. These products feature different modes to brush in. And when you brush for more than two minutes, the toothbrush celebrates by shining rainbow lights. You can also use your smartphone to keep track of how well you brush your teeth. These new products should be released sometime early this year. They are available in white, black, pink, blue and lavender-purple. In the United States, these will have a suggested retail price of about $100.

Oral-B iO 2 iPhoneThe new model (Image: Oral-B)

In addition, Oral-B is also coming out with the iO10. This is the new flagship model of the company, which of course can also be linked to your iPhone. It is described as the ‘ultimate oral health coach’. It comes down to brushing your teeth really well. Through the app you can perfectly track how you take care of your teeth and get real-time feedback. If you want to brush from day one, a special website has been opened where you can indicate your interest. In that respect, it looks like a new launch for an Apple product.


During several tests, Oral-B revealed that users of iO toothbrushes experienced several improvements. For example, gums become much healthier in one week, up to six times more plaque is removed, bleeding of the gums is reduced three times, and 83 percent of users with unhealthy gums had their problem fixed after 8 weeks.