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Buy iPhone 14? It’s cheapest in these countries

An iPhone 14 is certainly not cheap, and then prices vary from country to country. But where will you pay the least for the new smartphone?

An iPhone 14 is quite expensive to buy. Moreover, you pay more in one country than in another. In our country, the recommended retail price of the standard model is 1,016 euros. That’s a lot of money and in some countries it can be much cheaper. But where should you really go to get the phone as cheaply as possible?

How is it that the iPhone 14 is priced differently everywhere?

You must have noticed it if you’ve seen an Apple presentation. Prices are much lower in dollars than in euros. There are several reasons for this, and it’s not just about the exchange rate. For example, many companies choose to keep the amount they charge in dollars even when it comes to euros, despite the fact that a dollar is worth less. With Apple, however, things are a bit different.

Besides the fact that Apple can choose to charge different prices for the iPhone in different countries, taxes have a big role in this. Of course, this varies from country to country. For example, in the Netherlands you pay 21 percent VAT on a product like a phone.

If you buy an iPhone abroad, you can often reclaim the VAT you pay locally. This can sometimes be done at the airport or through the Dutch tax authorities. What you have to keep in mind is that you have to officially declare those products in the Netherlands, because you have to pay tax on imported items. Only if the value is under 400 euros when you add up all your new products, you don’t have to declare anything.

Prices abroad

The Mac Index collects the prices of various Apple products in different countries. This includes the iPhone 14. Our country hangs a bit in the middle. In the Apple Store, you pay 1,019 euros for a 128 GB device.

In these countries you are the cheapest:

China 787 euros
United States 799 euros
Japan 801 euros
Hong Kong 816 euros
Taiwan 841 euros

So what you pay in the Netherlands is quite a difference from the cheapest countries. The iPhone 14 is the cheapest for people from China. They pay converted 787 euros. This is followed by the United States and Japan. If you reclaim the VAT, Australia is the cheapest. You then pay 782 euros. This is because taxes in that country are higher than in the other places. South Korea can then also be an interesting option. With VAT refund, the phone there costs 802 euros.

OK, those are the cheapest countries. That leaves the places where you absolutely should not buy an iPhone 14. Actually, there are two countries where the difference is very big: Turkey and Brazil. There, the iPhone costs 1,412 and 1,358 euros, respectively.

Cheapest options for your iPhone 14

So do you want to buy an iPhone abroad and then declare it in the Netherlands? Then it pays to buy the phone in Australia or China, as you will save quite a bit of money.

Of course, you can also choose not to declare your new iPhone 14, only we wouldn’t advise you to do so. If you get caught you could face a hefty fine.

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