ChatGPT and AI are taking the world by storm, but is Apple CEO Tim Cook seated?

If you’ve been following tech news, one thing is clear: AI (artificial intelligence) is big. ChatGPT and other services are taking over the world. Apple CEO Tim Cook absolutely sees the potential for iPhones, iPads and Macs, but also has headaches about it. OMT editor Dennis Mons sides with the best man.

AI is ‘booming’: ChatGPT writes entire essays, DallE creates any image or artwork you want, and you can even have entire music videos made without playing music yourself, nor shooting a video. Intriguing are companies like Google, Microsoft and, of course, Apple. Although the latter is a bit hesitant.

Tim Cook of Apple is wary of artificial intelligence

We’ll jump right in: Apple is not jumping right on the bandwagon when it comes to AI. Microsoft has invested heavily in Open AI (the company behind ChatGPT) and Google is busy with Bard. And at Apple, things remained eerily quiet.

Agonizingly quiet. Indeed, the company received a lot of criticism for the fact that Siri is really unimaginably stupid, even if you shortcut for a superior version with a ChatGPT trick. But let’s face it: haven’t we actually given up on Siri already?

In Apple’s Q2 earnings briefing, Tim Cook did respond to a question from Shannon Cross of Credit Suisse who stated that AI is now a thing. Cook did not want to answer that directly, but did say that AI is very interesting.

Cook also listed some of Apple’s achievements in the AI segment, such as using the technology to create features like Fall Detection, Crash Detection and the Apple Watch’s ECG. “These things are not only great features, they also save lives out there,” Cook said.

Apple Watch uses AI for Crash detection. (Image: Mitsuo Jr / Unsplash)

Still, he also has his question marks regarding AI. “There are a number of issues that need to be resolved,” he said. He added that Apple sees AI as “huge” and will continue to invest in related technologies for its products.

Even ‘the inventor of AI’ has his doubts

Not only Tim Cook, but also Elon Musk and Apple founder Steve Wozniak, are wary when it comes to AI. Indeed, Geoffrey Hinton, who is generally considered the godfather of artificial intelligence (AI), quit his job at Google. Now he has plenty of time to warn of the growing dangers in this field, he told the BBC (an absolute must-read).

He stated that some of the dangers of AI chatbots were “pretty scary.” So he didn’t just get a look in, he designed the kitchen. A person we should therefore listen to.

“Right now they are not more intelligent than us, as far as I can tell. But I think they will be soon.”

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