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Couldn’t be safer: here’s how to enable Isolation Mode on your iPhone

With the arrival of iOS 16, the iPhone features Lockdown Mode (Isolation Mode). Not only does that sound like a drastic measure, it is. OMT editor Sabine explains in this article what the feature entails and how to enable it.

Lockdown Mode is a special locking mode on your iPhone. The feature is specially designed for a very small group of iPhone users who could potentially become a target of extremely sophisticated digital threats.

What is Lockdown Mode?

When you enable Lockdown Mode on your iPhone, your device no longer works the way you’re used to. Certain apps, sites and features are restricted to make it a lot harder for cybercriminals to infiltrate.

Apps you can no longer use to the max include Messages, Safari and FaceTime. Message attachments are blocked (except photos, videos and audio), some sites no longer work properly and FaceTime calls from strangers are blocked. Shared photo albums are also removed from the Photo app.

iPhone 13 Pro Max AppleAt first glance, nothing changes. (Image: Mark Hofman / OMT)

How do you set the extreme measure?

Enabling Lockdown Mode works as follows: open your iPhone’s settings and go to Privacy and Security. At the very bottom you’ll find Isolation Mode. Press this and then tap Enable Isolation Mode. Read the warning Apple sends carefully, and tap Enable Isolation Mode again.

Want to set these drastic measures on your iPad or MacBook, too? You can, though you’ll have to set it up manually on those devices. On your iPad, this works the same as on your iPhone. On your Mac, go to System Settings and then Privacy and Security. Scroll down and enable Isolation Mode. Enter your password or use Touch ID. Then reboot your Mac.

It is also possible to exclude certain apps or sites from Lockdown Mode. This allows you to use them as usual. To exclude apps, again (when the security mode is active) go to the Isolation Mode settings. Then at the bottom press Configure Web Browsing. Turn off the sliders next to the apps you want to exclude.

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