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Create your own series for Apple TV+ through this awesome course

Have you always had the aspiration to create your own show for Apple TV+ like Ted Lasso? Now you can. That’s because this week the company is going to launch the Studio Directors Program in which you will learn to become a top director. Successful candidates can then create their own content for the streaming service.

Starting February 23, you can enroll yourself in the Studio Directors Program. In it, you will take a comprehensive course that will help you become the best director ever. You can register until March 1. If you are one of the chosen ones, the entire program will last six months and you will get opportunities with Apple TV+. The streaming service where you’ll see Ted Lasso, For All Mankind and See, among others.

Apple is getting you ready for Apple TV+

For now, the program is for people living in the United States. Once you’re enrolled, the company is going to make a selection of three people. These will then be groomed to direct content such as Ted Lasso for Apple TV+.

Candidates are thus “tackled” quite a bit like Ted Lasso would, but which Apple TV+ programs you get to work with at the end is not reported. However, you do get the opportunity to engage in discussions with veterans in the business who have already made considerable headway.

For All Mankind Apple TV Plus NetflixFor All Mankind on Apple TV+ (Image: Apple)

You’ll also get to walk with directors during the shooting of new episodes of Apple TV+ series and get a “unique experience” in Apple Park. Whether that’s Ted Lasso or some other show, the company did not disclose.

Everyone gets a chance to make the new Ted Lasso

Apple obviously holds inclusivity in high regard, so too for the Studio Directors Program for Apple TV+. “We want every voice to be heard and valued,” the company reports on its site. “Target groups that lack representation, as well as women, are encouraged to apply.”

So if you happen to live in the U.S. and fancy becoming the next Steven Spielberg or making a new Ted Lasso, here’s your chance. We here in the Netherlands are unfortunately out of luck, but maybe with enough talent you can bluff yourself into it.

Whether the company will launch a similar program in Europe is not yet known.

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