CyberTuner the iOS app that costs almost as much as

CyberTuner: the iOS app that costs almost as much as the iPhone 14

The App Store is full of paid applications, but incredibly expensive they usually aren’t. Not surprisingly, the more accessible you make an iOS app the more people are likely to put it on their iPhones.

That the folks at Reyburn Piano Services haven’t heeded that is made clear by CyberTuner. Created to tune your piano, this application costs almost as much as the brand new iPhone 14. No joke.

iOS app almost as expensive as the iPhone 14

For 1019 euros, you have the brand new iPhone 14 with 128GB of storage capacity in your home. But why spend your hard-earned pennies on a new Apple phone, when you could just put it down for an application?

iPhone 14 cases🍏 (Image: Thai Nguyen)

While I can think of lots of reasons why I would choose the iPhone 14, there are those who still go with the second option. In the Music category within the App Store is CyberTuner: an application that can be called anything but affordable.

Armed with five stars from only five reviews and a price tag of 999.99 euros, this is easily one of the most expensive apps you can buy on the Apple App Store. The big question: “What exactly is CyberTuner an app?

What exactly is CyberTuner?

CyberTuner was created for the professional piano technician. The advanced system offers quite an arsenal of professional tools to optimally tune their beloved grand piano. For example, one of those tools measures the user’s tuning behavior in order to then provide a number of areas for improvement.

iOS, App Store, iPhone(Image: Apple App Store)

What makes this app for iOS more high quality than other tuner software? Nice of you to ask, because the folks at Reyburn Piano Services provide that answer themselves. They list a few reasons:

Clear user features
An intuitive and thoughtful design
Programmed by a qualified piano technician (member of the Piano Technicians Guild)
The knowledge of qualified piano technicians

Of course, the application offers even more benefits. Whether you’ll lump 999.99 euros for that, by the way, is a second thing, but there will no doubt be a target audience for it. Want to know more about the iOS app? The App Store has the information for you!

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