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Delete account? That will be easier thanks to Apple at the end of June!

Apps often offer accessible ways to create accounts, but that’s not enough customer friendliness, according to Apple. The Cupertino-based company is reminding developers that apps on the App Store must also offer an easy delete feature. This will be mandatory starting next June 30.

What does that mean specifically? So if an app offers ways to create accounts, then those same apps must also offer options for deleting those accounts. Consumers should be able to arrange that within the app and not have to jump through various hoops to do so.

Apple wants to make account deletion easier

That’s the reminder Apple is now sending to all developers of apps within the App Store. So the deadline for the mandatory option is approaching, but it has also been around for a while. The iPhone maker introduced it in June of 2021 and initially stated that it would become a rule as of January 2022.

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But earlier, the company thus decided to push back the deadline to give developers more time to implement the functionality. This time, as a developer, you don’t have to count on a delay. You have to implement the option by the end of June at the latest, because that’s when it officially becomes a rule.

What exactly does the rule tell you?

It is now clear that consumers will therefore also find options for deleting an account within the app in an easy manner. Developers should not make that process more difficult, by only offering options for temporarily disabling accounts. If someone wants to delete an account, they should simply be able to do so.

If someone deletes an account, then all personal data that was associated with that account should also be deleted. Some apps get an exception and are allowed to confirm deletion through customer service. But the bulk of apps should make this process as painless as possible.

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