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Do you want a MacBook Pro? Then you may have to be patient

The MacBook Pro is popular. In fact, the model is so in demand that shortages are occurring. The lockdown in Shanghai is causing quite a delay.

Corona seems to be gone, but of course it is not. The virus is raging around in China and because of the strict policies in the country, there are lockdowns in several places. One of the strictest is in Shanghai. The place was on lockdown for over a month but now seems to be slowly reopening. One of the companies feeling the effects is Apple. It manufactures the Macbook Pro in the city.

Lockdown in China

Apple’s assembler Quanta is in fact in the Chinese city. This company is severely hampered by the lockdown reports DigiTimes. The supplier is still not operating at full capacity. In fact, a week ago it was at 30 percent and the company is now looking at how to get to 50 percent. This, of course, is causing significant delays for the Macbook Pro.

Quanta doesn’t seem to be the only assembler suffering from the lockdown. Other companies dealing with the MacBook Pro are also suffering from the same problem reports the Medium. They may have restarted production, but it is difficult to get to full capacity.

At Apple, it’s not often that massive delays occur at the company. Apple managed to stock the iPhone reasonably well, while other phone manufacturers had greater difficulty with that. With the MacBook Pro, unfortunately, that’s not going to work.

MacBook Pro (2021)Tight fit (Image: Mark Hofman / OMT)

Waiting for the MacBook Pro

If you order a 14 or 16-inch MacBook Pro through the Apple Store, you’ll have to wait about 2 months before you get it. The different variants will be delivered between June 30 and July 14. The 13-inch version, which is of course a bit older (and doesn’t have the M1 Pro or M1 Max), doesn’t have the problem. If you order that one, you could have it in as soon as tomorrow.

Still, it may be possible to find the MacBook Pro faster if you look around. Some stores have different models in stock. This is also the case on Bol.com.

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