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Emergency SOS from November on iPhone 14, but will we get it too?

Apple is bringing the brand new Emergency SOS feature to iPhone 14 owners this month. It won’t matter which version of the smartphone you bring into your home, because all versions support it. At least, in the United States. So what about the Netherlands and Belgium?

Anyway, the great thing about this news is that we can therefore expect a brand new update for iOS 16 this month. After all, that’s what Apple confirms on its support website. The company does not give an exact date, but within now and two weeks an update for iPhone 14 will thus arrive.

Emergency SOS for iPhone 14

So one of the features Apple is adding is Emergency SOS. This is an option coming exclusively to iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro. For the first two years, owners of those smartphones can use this for free; after that, you have to pay. Unfortunately, we don’t yet know how expensive the option will be after those two years.

iPhone 14 ProEven better photos! (Image: Zana Latif)

Emergency SOS lets you send emergency messages when you find yourself in a dangerous situation. This is particularly useful for people who are often in areas without good coverage. By pointing the iPhone 14 to a satellite, users can send such a message to Apple employees.

But will this also come to the Netherlands?

However, before that message is sent, you have to answer some questions. All information then reaches those Apple employees, who can then call for help on your behalf if needed. That way you’ll always have a backup on hand, provided your iPhone 14 has enough power.

For now, this functionality is not coming to the Netherlands, Belgium or other European countries. In fact, Apple is only launching Emergency SOS in Canada and the United States. It is not clear when the option will be rolled out in other countries. Apple has not yet announced anything about that.

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