Forget that whole iPhone 14 this iPhone 15 concept looks

Forget that whole iPhone 14: this iPhone 15 concept looks fantastic

Next month is the time: the unveiling of the brand new iPhone 14. While many people are looking forward to the arrival of the four new devices, there are those who are already looking a lot further ahead.

Where we will have to deal with the iPhone 14 this year, next year will most likely see the iPhone 15. Still a long way away from us, but no less interesting. For there is a graphic designer who earlier this year built a beautiful concept around the Apple smartphone of 2023. Time to look ahead.

iPhone 15 concept steals the show

The iPhone 14, if current rumors are to be believed, doesn’t have a whole lot new to offer in terms of design compared to the previous model. Unless you go for the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. These two models will most likely feature a hole-punch notch. This notch, found at the top of the screen, houses the selfie camera and FaceID sensor.

The iPhone 15, the smartphone coming out next year, will most likely build on the innovation. At least that’s the image shared by designer Technizo Concept on YouTube. In addition to adding a custom notch, he also equips the device with the much-discussed USB-C port. The smartphone also lacks a SIM card slot, has a modified camera system and a periscope lens.

Of course, this is only a concept and is not an official work. It is a nice way to already fantasize about next year’s smartphone, while we patiently wait for the iPhone 14.

A16, 48-megapixel and new notch

In fact, that series will appear as early as next month. However, when exactly Apple will show the new iPhone 14 series is not yet known. Although, as you can read here, we already have a pretty good idea. Just like what the smartphones themselves have to offer.

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