Forgot to turn on workout on your Apple Watch? No problem!

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With the Apple Watch you have a wonderful tool that motivates you daily to exercise. Whether you go for an hour walk or exercise, with the smartwatch you keep perfect track of what you do.

But sometimes you are doing a workout and you forgot to turn on your Apple Watch, then you miss the data. Nevertheless, you can still recall it later and in this way be able to properly store what you have performed.

Keep track of your Workout on the Apple Watch when you forget to do so

Sometimes your Apple Watch itself indicates that you are working on a workout and it still activates it retroactively. I have that myself sometimes when I’m walking. And that way you save everything neatly. But when the smartwatch does not do that automatically, then you can still save your health. This does not go to the Activities app, but you can save it to the Health app. To do that, you go to that particular app. Once you’re in there, go to the bottom right of the menu with Data. There you then go to the search bar and search for the term Work-out.

Series 7 (Image: Mark Hofman / OMT)

Once you’ve done that, you tap a day. In the upper right corner you then have the option to add data. That way you can make a broad assessment of what you did. If you went for a walk without activating the Apple Watch, you can guess roughly how far that distance was. And if you did a workout, you can make a guess with your calories.

Previous Actions

To do that, take a look at the other workouts you’ve completed with the Apple Watch and then enter that number there. That way you can still keep track of what you’re doing and look back on your performance later.

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