1642783446 Future AirPods can control noise reduction with code word

Future AirPods can control noise reduction with code word

When it comes to wireless earbuds, AirPods are still the best choice. Apple always wants to look at how they can improve existing products. In that context, there seems to be an interesting option to control noise reduction with a code word.

And that would actually be really smart. How often do you have the AirPods in and enjoy your peace and quiet, while someone in your household says something to you. Or a colleague at work. Then a code word like that would be a godsend, so that person could just say something to you.

AirPods with code word to reduce noise

So if you are in such a situation, then in the future you could share your code word with the people who are close to you. If the patent Apple has filed is then incorporated into future AirPods, it will disable noise cancellation and allow for easier communication. Actually, that’s a really brilliant idea. After all, it allows you to be completely in your own world and not have to worry if someone important to you is talking and you don’t hear it.

AirPods 3 ReviewAirPods 3 (Image: Mark Hofman / OMT)

Indeed, this is something I often have with noise-canceling headsets and AirPods. Despite the fact that I’m then on it with work, I’m still trying to be aware of my surroundings. If someone asks me something, it’s annoying if I don’t answer. So if this patent is incorporated into a future product, you can easily give your code word to colleagues and they can use it when it is really necessary. The only thing is that you have to make clear agreements about when the code word can be used. For the question do you want coffee it is important, because coffee, but for the latest gossip you do not need to be disturbed.

Will take some time

Of course, it always takes a while for a patent like this to finally be incorporated into a product, so the upcoming update to the AirPods isn’t going to get it yet. But so the idea is really quite clever. Until then, your co-workers and roommates will have to wave vigorously or yell really loudly for your attention.