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Google and Microsoft full on AI: when will Apple launch its own ChatGPT?

Artificial intelligence is very hot right now and it’s all because of ChatGPT. Google and Microsoft have announced their own variant at major press conferences. The big question is when Apple will unveil its plans for AI.

AI, of course, is not new. For years it has been used in games and gadgets, for example, to make products even better. Of course, that was a bit of a distant memory for many. That is now totally no longer the case with ChatGPT. As a result, we can now use it ourselves.

Microsoft and Google dive full on ChatGPT

Perhaps that’s why programs like ChatGPT and Dall-e are so incredibly popular right now. You can now give AI commands to execute and immediately see the results. Whether it’s writing a text or designing an image.

ChatGPT is such a success that the big parties like Google and Microsoft don’t want to be left behind. In fact, it’s kind of like Clubhouse, where back then everyone also came up with their own variant. Still, there is a big difference. Clubhouse was fun for some time and it diluted while AI just remains big. Apple, nevertheless, has yet to make a statement. It is stíl on the Cup side.

So Google presented its new AI service and chatbot Bard. That presentation, by the way, did not go at all smoothly and therefore did not convince yet. Microsoft is going to use ChatGPT-maker OpenAI to offer a chatbot in its Edge browser and mainly the Bing search engine. The question is whether Apple will do something similar.

Apple and AI

Apple, of course, is already working extensively with AI in many different forms. Perhaps the best-known example is Siri on your iPhone and iPad. You ask Siri questions and the service tries to answer it. One form that has been the subject of considerable speculation is Apple Car. The company would like to bring a driving car or at least software for in cars. Something Apple is keeping its jaws tightly shut about, by the way.

Anyway, these are other forms of AI, from ChatGPT, but so Apple is certainly a company that has a lot of experience to develop something similar to the chatbot just like Microsoft and Google. At least it looks like it’s not going to be put out of business by Google and Microsoft.

Many such projects are still in the research phase, and by Google last week we got to see how painful it can be to bring it too early. Not only do you go flat on your face, but it affects the stock price. If we know anything about Apple, it’s that it doesn’t come out with a product until it’s really sure it will work seamlessly.

Apple, Amazon, Google smart homeSiri’s logo (Image: Apple)

Siri 2.0?

So it is expected that Apple is working behind the scenes on an AI Chatbot a la ChatGPT like Microsoft and Google. The most obvious thing is for this to become a new feature of Siri, which you can already ask quite a few questions to. Does she understand what you want? Hardly. Does she do what you ask: depends on how loudly you shout HEY SIRI. Apple’s assistant(e) continues to struggle.

Still, Apple must be careful not to be too late. Innovation around AI Chatbots seems to be moving incredibly fast right now, and as a company you obviously don’t want to miss the battle. Something we saw before with Siri. The voice assistant was once the forerunner in terms of AI, but was later overtaken by Google Assistant and Alexa in terms of functionalities.

So it is now a big question mark as to what exactly Apple will do, but it certainly cannot be left behind. The question then seems to be primarily when. The WWDC seems a logical time, but that is not until sometime in the summer. In any case, it will be more than worth the wait if it just works out well and that Apple does not Google it.

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