Heres how Apple will do things differently with the iPhone

Here’s how Apple will do things differently with the iPhone SE starting in 2024

Now that the iPhone 14 is out, all attention is slowly but surely moving toward the new iPhone SE. With the budget smartphone, Apple is going to take a different approach than what you are used to from previous versions.

The iPhone SE line has been a huge success for Apple. Each time, the models fly over the counter like hot cakes. So Apple doesn’t mess with the tried-and-true concept. It throws some new hardware into an older model and brings it as a cheaper option among regular iPhones.

A new iPhone SE, but different

Another new model is coming in 2024. Yet this one is slightly different from its predecessors. As with the regular iPhone, the home button seems to disappear in this SE. In fact, Apple is opting for a different design.

In fact, according to analyst Ross Young, the iPhone SE is going to look a damn lot like an iPhone XR, he tells MacRumours. The device will have a between 5.7 and 6.1-inch screen with a notch.


Who is Ross Young?

Ross Young is the CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants, also known as the DSCC. Because of his wide network, he knows a lot about Apple’s future plans. Something he does, with an accurate score of 92.9% on Apple Track, successfully.

Face ID or Touch ID?

At the top, then, is a notch. So the big question is whether Apple will choose to apply Face ID for the iPhone SE. Of course, that would require adding a TrueDepth camera. Other rumors simply assume Touch ID. This should come on a button on the side, which you may know from the iPad Air.

iPhone XRiPhone XR (Image: Apple)

Still, there do seem to be differences between the XR model and the fourth-generation iPhone SE if Touch ID is chosen. The notch at the top does not have to be that wide.

Rumors even suggest that Apple wants a Dynamic Island on the iPhone SE by 2024. It does possibly mean that in 2024 we will no longer see the Dynamic Island only on the Pro, but also on regular models. There are even rumors that it will happen sooner. Whether that will actually become the truth remains to be seen.

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