Home lets you peek inside the most unusual homes via

Home lets you peek inside the most unusual homes via Apple TV+

A new season of Home is coming to Apple+. This time there’s also a Dutch touch to the unusual house show.

You know those horrible signs people have hanging in their homes: like Home is where the heart is, or in this house…? Brrr, the cold chills run down your body – sorry if we mean your casa, but it really can’t be. – At least you won’t find those awful Leen Bakker accessories in the houses you see in the Apple TV+ series Home.

Home is back

What do the Netherlands, Ghana, and Iceland have in common? Yes, it’s a mean question to ask, but the answer is very simple. They’re all in the new season of Home: the VT living for professionals and the real home nerds for Apple TV+.

Nothing is more fun than peeking in on the neighbors. We are all gawking at Funda to criticize other people’s interiors. Unfortunately, Home is not for the real disaster tourist. In the program you see a number of spectacular houses, with equally grandiose furnishings. Or as Apple says. “It’s more than a place where you live, it’s where life happens.” A statement you can soon buy on a tile in Ikea.

This is what you can expect from the show

Apple TV+’s somewhat more comprehensive description is thankfully a little better. “Each episode in the second season of Home reveals the groundbreaking imaginations of visionaries who dared to dream and build them around the world. Through the unique stories of these homeowners, their deep intention and unique vision is revealed in the remarkable homes they have created, making an indelible impact on those around them.”

So in the trailer, we already see the different houses passing by. There is a beautiful gem in New York, but we also see Amsterdam come by. A real 3 generation house with a special design that is suitable for – surprisingly – three generations.

The first season of Home managed to make a big impression. It even earned Apple TV+ an Emmy nomination. You won’t have to wait long for the second season. It starts on June 17.