HomePod simple to convert to fire rescuer

HomePod simple to convert to fire rescuer

The HomePod is the ideal home assistant, but the device can do much more than you think. Did you know you can also use it as a smoke alarm?

It’s everyone’s worst nightmare: fire in your home. You hope never to experience it, but if it does happen you want to be optimally prepared. That’s why the government has also been requiring smoke detectors in homes since this year. That’s great, of course, but now you can also use an additional tool: your HomePod.

The HomePod as a smoke detector

You see, the HomePod can do much more than just play music and perform voice commands. This ingenious device can also detect a fire and does so in a very special way.

In January, Apple announced the new Sound Recognition feature. That was at the same time as the launch of the HomePod 2. With this new feature, your HomePod listens for smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in your home.

When the HomePod picks up the alarm, the device sends it to your iPhone. You then receive an alert via the Home app. If you are at home you will probably hear the alarm, but for when you are on the road, this is obviously a handy addition.

By the way, this feature does not only work on the HomePod 2. It is also available on the first generation and the mini. And that, of course, saves a lot of money, because it means you don’t have to buy a more expensive new one or an expensive smart home accessory.

HomePod mini reviewThe mini (Image: Mark Hofman / OMT)

Here’s how to set up iPhone notification

As mentioned, the feature is now available on your HomePod, but you have to turn it on. We tell you exactly how to do that

Open the Housing app and click on three dots in the upper right corner
Go to Housing Settings
Go to Security
Turn on sound recognition

You may not see Security yet. This requires you to have both the latest version of the HomePod and the Home app installed.

For the feature to work, you additionally need a regular smoke and carbon monoxide detector, otherwise the HomePod won’t be able to recognize the sound. Do yourself a favor and actually purchase one or more, because prevention is better than cure.

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