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How Apple aims to knock Google’s Android off its throne with iOS in ‘silent war’

It’s an open secret that Apple is still sparring with Google. But how far that goes remains a matter of conjecture. Yet the Cupertino-based company is still prepared to wipe Google to the floor in a battle for iOS and Android. (That’s a bit of a stretch, but it always remains a time for popcorn.)

Of course, all this sounds rather panicked. Yet Apple still has some resentment toward Google, because it feels that Android OS is nicked from iOS. So according to persistent rumors, Apple is not sitting still and may be taking big steps.

No more Android and Google on Apple’s iOS?

The quiet war between Apple and Google goes beyond a bit of schoolyard pushing. Apple would even like to make Google apps obsolete, according to sources.

The misery began back when Android was introduced (in 2007) which Apple felt was very similar to iOS (also from 2007). Little came out of that nasty interaction, as we are now 16 years on and they coexist just fine.

According to reporting from The Financial Times, this so bickering revolves around three things, separate from the OS. The first is Apple Maps. This app was developed because Google refused to give Apple and the iPhone the same real-time turn signals as on Android. So Apple had no other choice and just made the service itself. And, it was not a success. In fact, it was a disaster.

Search lens Sherlock Holmes ios androidI … I have to go where? (Image: BBC)

Seek and you shall find

Another important aspect of this feud is Google’s search option. Obviously, the company holds the purse strings when it comes to search. Apple disagreed.

So the company sought refuge elsewhere, and in this case with the AppleBot. This is used by the likes of Siri and Spotlight on iOS and macOS, but somehow that tech didn’t quite get the spotlight. Again, a failed plan.

In fact, according to reports, Apple’s hard core is working assiduously on an alternative to Google Search. Salient detail, however, is that a number of developers have reportedly switched from iOS to Google to continue working on search technology.

The third point of contention is obvious. The company is diligently looking for new ways to advertise. Apple’s advertising revenue is shooting through the roof thanks to iOS, but it still has some way to go before it can compete with Google. Until it comes up with a Bing version for Safari or iOS anyway, it can write the battle on its chest in that regard.

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